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About us

Flagstaffers LLC was founded in 2009 by Steven Cook. Steven worked most of his life in construction starting as a laborer and built his skillset up to be a Foreman running crews. Over the years he noticed the lack of safety in the field and started this company. Many of our employees from 2009 are still here today keeping his memory alive. Flagstaffers takes pride in being a small family-owned company and keeping close working relationships with its clients. His goal was to make sure everyone got home safe to their families and we will continue to work hard and provide high quality traffic control services to ensure the road-way is safe! In loving memory of Stevie Cook 1974-2018.

Pam Cook

Owner and CEO of FlagStaffers.

Amanda Holmes

Operations Manager 


Stevie Cook

Founder of FlagStaffers. Gone but never forgotten.

In loving memory of Stevie Cook. 1974-2018.



We are certified with the following institutions:

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PO Box 307

Clear Brook, VA 22624


Office: 703-330-1505

FAX: 703-330-1506

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

7:00 A.M. — 4:00 P.M.

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